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Insight from a Pacesetter: Jessie States, CMP, CMM

Aug 29, 2018

jesse-statesJesse States, CMP, CMM, Head of Meeting Innovation for Meeting Professionals International (MPI), is the Events Industry Council’s 2018 recipient of the Pacesetter Award for Young Professional. She talked with us about storytelling, innovation and how younger event professionals can make an impact.

What would you identify as your greatest contribution to the events industry to date?

I tell stories — a lot of stories. Whether it was early in my career as an industry writer, research editor and curriculum designer or now as a session format experimenter, learning environment designer, facilitator and educator, I have sought to use my role as a storyteller and the stage that MPI has granted me to help meeting professionals drive business value for their organisations, design life-changing experiences and create positive change for their participants and their organisations.

What will you do to continue to make an impact on and a contribution to the events industry?

I will continue to promote the necessity of creating a future-ready industry that focuses on the competencies required to design impactful experiences in addition to the future-proof skills (problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation) that will qualify meeting professionals for leadership roles and jobs in the next 10–20 years.

What guidance or advice would you give to fellow young professionals seeking leadership roles in the events industry?

Surround yourself with people who inspire you to think differently about yourself, your meetings and your world. Never be the “smartest” person in room. Learn something new every day. Listen, even when it’s hard to do. Be resilient and open to change. Think strategically about how you can spend you time to create the maximum amount of impact. Leave a positive footprint wherever you go. Have fun.