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Insight from the Hall of Leaders: Corbin Ball

Aug 15, 2018

Corbin_Ball2018 Hall of Leaders inductee Corbin Ball, CMP, is a speaker, consultant and writer who specializes in helping organisations worldwide use technology to save time and improve productivity. We talked to him about his accomplishments and the evolving role of technology in events.

What would you identify as your most enduring contribution to the events industry?

In 1997, after 20 years planning technology association meetings, I decided to form my own business speaking, consulting and writing about events and exhibitions technology. One of my major business goals in creating this new company was to help others in our profession understand and use emerging technology to improve events. To the extent I have been successful at this, even in a small way, has been my major contribution.

 How do you plan to continue to make an impact on this sector?

I plan to continue to contribute by speaking, writing and consulting as long as there are new ideas and topics coming my way.

What technology development or trend would you say has had the most significant impact on the meetings and events industry?

This is hard to choose, as there have been so many major technology developments during my lengthy career in the meetings and events industry: The personal computer, email, the web, smartphones and social media all have created huge changes in our industry and society in general. 

The two trends that stand out to me are, first, the development of specialized software to handle nearly every aspect of the meeting planning process. I have identified more than 1,500 companies in 60 categories of software products on ways to improve events. They can save time, increase efficiency and improve the attendee experience — and, sometimes, all three.

Secondly, the development of the event app (and the many mobile spinoffs) has transformed the event experience for attendees and helped in quantifying the attendee journey. Thanks to mobile tech, events are far more measurable than they were ten years ago, placing live events as central in an overall marketing effort while providing rich detail to improve future events.