Interviews With Leaders

Three past inductees of the Events Industry Council's Hall of Leaders speak out on everything from the future of the industry, technology and innovation, the importance of advocacy, the key people who have influenced their own careers, and lots more.

[Terri Breining] [Christine Duffy] [Christian Mutschlechner]
 Terri Breining
 Christine Duffy  Christian Mutschlechner


Terri Breining is Principal of Breining Group LLC, a firm focused on consulting, facilitation and training in the meeting industry. Previously, Terri founded Concepts Worldwide, a meeting management firm headquartered in San Diego County for over 21 years. Concepts Worldwide was a recognized international leader in providing ROI measurement and full-service strategic meeting management. She was inducted into the Hall of Leaders in 2010.

Christine Duffy is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Cruise Lines International Association, comprised of 26 cruise lines and nearly 16,000 affiliated travel agencies. Duffy joined CLIA in February 2011 after serving six years as President and CEO of Maritz Travel Company. She was inducted into the Hall of Leaders in 2008.

Christian Mutschlechner is Director of the Vienna Convention Bureau. He was inducted into the Hall of Leaders in 2011.

Roundtable Interview

  • Events Council: What are the industry’s biggest challenges as we enter a new year?

  • Events Council: What are the most important innovations and advances our industry has seen in recent years?

  • Events Council: How do you view today’s event technology and its effect on the industry?

  • Events Council: Do you see hybrid/virtual meetings as a viable component in concert with live face-to-face events?

  • Events Council: How would you say the financial model for running large conventions has changed in recent years, and what advice could you offer to help industry professionals stay abreast with the current trends and manage accordingly?

  • Events Council: What is your opinion on advocacy efforts to communicate the value of meetings in Corporate America and beyond?

  • Events Council: What person has had the biggest influence on your career?

  • Events Council: What has induction into the Hall of Leaders meant to you?

  • Events Council: In what areas should Events Industry Council study new programs, products and/or resources to assist industry professionals and raise the awareness of the organization?

  • Events Council: How would you describe the current state of associations? Are they still relevant?

  • Events Council: What keeps you awake at nights?