Take Action

Face Time. It Matters.

So, what can you do?

We’d like you to begin using the FACE TIME: It Matters graphic and the messages when you talk about your own face to face events with your members and other stakeholders. They need to hear a consistent message from all of us, reverberating throughout our field and the extended fields of our members, about why these events are important to your organization and the attendees.

Yes, we are all needing to relook at our budgets and the rationale for our meetings and events. It’s not a war between virtual and face to face. It’s an understanding of the merits and limitations of each and then articulating why you have chosen a particular vehicle to further your objectives. Virtual can and does enhance face to face and vice versa.

  • Put the graphics on your email signatures,on your electronic letterhead, on your websites, in your electronic or hard copy communications
  • Talk about why your events are important in both the business and human terms.
  • Use the data from US Travel Association’s Meetings Mean Business.
  • Use the messaging bullets in this campaign.
  • Be creative – do your own viral messaging or video!

We will be adding more tools and other concepts as we, as an industry, better build the case for face to face events.

At the same time, we are working on solid data for what our industry represents in terms of economic significance for the US economy. We will then need your help to better tell our story locally, on the state level and nationally.

We welcome your ideas! Feel free to contact us with comments and other ideas on how we can better articulate the value of meeting FACE to FACE and why It Matters!!

Contact us at: cichq@conventionindustry.org