Tool Kit

Face Time.  It Matters.

Please feel free to use these resources to help us spread the word about the importance of face to face meetings.


  • Face Time Primer: use this document to educate your leadership on the campaign
  • Sample Press Release: to show support for the campaign and solicit press for your events.
  • Face Time Column: to use in your publications.
  • Copy Block: A copy block is steady copy that is used on written communications like Press Releases. Use the attached copy block to describe the campaign. 

Advertorial and Web Banner

Promote "FACE TIME. It Matters." in print and online with these valuable tools. All the fonts, colors, and everything else you will need to replicate them can be accessed in the ZIP files below. 


Please use the labels below to promote "FACE TIME. It Matters." on mailings, brochures, and any other printed materials.



There is lots of information out there that can help you craft a message for your internal and external stakeholders about the value of meetings – in economic and human terms.

See How Others are Using the Face Time Message