Richard Aaron Headshot


Richard Aaron, MFA, CSEP Emeritus

Inducted in 2016

Shaping the Industry

Single Most Important Contribution
Richard’s most important contribution is establishing BizBash and opening a new door for event information. After 18 years of running meetings and events for top companies and associations, BizBash recruited him to be President and a Partner to start to develop a new business modeled to embrace the new formed Internet back then. Fifteen years later, BizBash has evolved and now taken its place as one of the largest Media and Digital Information Company in the Hospitality space with an audience of over 100,000 professional planners and expanding to 18 markets.

Expansive Influence

Richard is an active member of ISES, MPI, NACE, GMI and IAEE. He has served in leadership at the local and International level in most of these organizations over his career years with equal enthusiasm to each. Richard also has served CIC on the Apex Commission and stepped in to organize the Education Advisory Council. 

Distinguished Achievements of Last Value

Richard’s academic work as a teacher/professor and mentorship to expand that reach as an educator for Events is an arena of achievement that he is most proud of. He assisted hundreds of young students over his career both in the classroom and outside of it to establish and scholarships through several Foundations and organizations.  He shaped new curricula on Event Design and Production at GWU and NYU to assure these evolving skills are offered, and also developed the curricula for a graduate class on Events Entertainment and Tourism Development.

Outstanding Service to Industry Organizations

Richard is attributed with founding The SEARCH Foundation that has played to help people in need get on their feet. He has also worked in driving areas of development in the Foundations of GMIC and MPI and ISES as well. That work made a difference in how the profession was viewed, but also impacted private people, students and the society to make a difference.

Contributions to Society

Richard has always made the strongest effort to participate actively in the area of home, civic, family and religious affiliation at his synagogue, bringing his skill sets into play. He served on boards run by the town council on matter of youth, diversity, as well over the years. He has also chaired soccer and baseball dinners for his children’s teams, assisted in the American Cancer Society NYC Galas over many years, and assisted in their foundation as well.