Jorge Castex

Jorge Castex 
Honorary President, COCAL and Senior Advisor MCI Argentina
Nominated by International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO)

Shaping the Industry

Jorge Castex was a pioneer of the modern PCO – the Professional Conference Organizer. He founded one of the original PCO companies in the early 70s made up of Congresos Internacionales S.A. (today MCI Buenos Aires) and CMC. The companies are the longest established PCO companies in Argentina and Chile, respectively. Congresos Internacionales / CMC are constantly engaged in world-wide markets such as scientific, medical, financial trade, government and banking having organized more than 500 congresses and exhibitions each with an average of 2,000 participants under his direct guidance. Foreseeing the need for an international network, Jorge joined the fledging PCO founder fathers in the development of IAPCO. He became President of IAPCO from 1976-1978 shaping the future of the industry we know today. 

Single Most Important Contribution

Jorge was Chair of the IAPCO Training Academy from 1996-2005 and he grew the seminar from a basic course to the most respected and sought-after training week in the meetings industry calendar. He expands his horizons to embrace all countries, ensuring that each continent was represented in the faculty. Innovative teaching techniques were introduced along with the implementation of his philosophy of 1 faculty member to every 6 participants to ensure one to one training opportunities. Furthermore for those who could not come to Switzerland, Jorge ensured that IAPCO would come to them, encouraging and implementing national and regional IAPCO Seminars. 

Expansive Influence

Jorge’s influence was in no-way restricted to IAPCO, but extended throughout the entire meetings industry by playing critical roles in multiple organizations, including consultant to the United Nations Organization and the World Bank, President of JMIC (Joint Meetings Industry Council), founder and President of AOCA (Argentina association of Congress & Exhibitions organizers), and Treasurer of the Argentina Chamber of Tourism. Also, he has been an active member in ICCA, UIA, PCMA, and MPI. 

Distinguished Achievements of Lasting Value

Jorge has been distinguished with the following annual awards: Belgian Association of Professional Meeting Organizers, Joint Meetings Industry Council, 2004 Unity Award, and The Gold Medal of Tourism by the Argentina Government, and COCAL (Latin American Federation of Professional Congress Organizers). He is an Honorary Member of IAPCO, one of only 9 honorary memberships to be bestowed over the past 45 years of the Association’s history. He is also an honorary President (as of 1985) of COCAL. 

Outstanding Service to Industry Organizations

Jorge believed passionately about educating future generations. He was Chairman of the Training Academy (ICMT) for IAPCO, greatly contributing to the current success of both the Annual Wolfsberg Seminar and the development of national and regional seminars in Asia. He lectured at the Wolfsberg for 16 consecutive years until 2005 and frequently at IAPCO’s national and regional seminars. He continues to educate today’s youth for the future. 

Contributions to Society

Jorge is active in his community and has contributed to it over years as a philanthropist and educator. His generosity in training and passing on his knowledge is well known, and not only has he been a teacher and guide to those who worked directly with him, but also to his colleagues and competitors, with whom he was not afraid to partner in founding the above mentioned associations and organizing training seminars all over Latin America.