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Take it up a notch

May 23, 2018

Events can be challenging and exhilarating for sure. There are so many moving parts and people. In the process of working on a recent event, I was struck by two people in particular. In my mind, they made the decision to take their work up a notch! 

One was a logistics professional and the other was an AV technician from two different organisations. Their efforts made me and the event producer stand back and simply say, “WOW!” They had systems, procedures and a powerful persona. The power of how they used their systems, procedures and persona made a difference.

Systems: Both had needs to be fulfilled and organisational systems to follow, however each took their responsibilities to another level. They organised the information needed in very simple, clear form. I asked both to explain a bit about why they did this. Each said, “To make it easier for both of us. I want you to have an easy experience with me.” WOW! Key statement “Have an easy experience with me.” It was about service and solutions. Are your systems providing solutions to your clients and teams? Are you making the process a positive experience?

Procedures: Flight professionals have a series of checks and systems before takeoff. There is a difference between the monotone, “check your safety belt” and the engaged “check your safety belt.” Most choose to sound rote. It happens in all industries. These two stellar people knew the procedures they created were for ease, flow and to ensure everything was done right and well. However, they didn’t make the flow rote. They really took the time to connect with those involved. They used their eyes and voice inflection. They looked for confirmation and engagement. They were 100 percent present. Are you present during your procedures and processes? 

Powerful persona: They cared. Both were powerful because they cared; they were invested in the outcome for all involved. Too often, the caring is just for the personal workload or for the client. Imagine the difference when your job is to ensure that everyone who connects with you will have a positive experience because of your personality, your procedures and your systematic solutions.

It is time to check in with yourself. Are you a stellar leader? Look at your systems, procedures and persona. Are they due for an upgrade? Asking yourself and your team to evaluate every process, procedure and attitude in order to create a positive experience for all is worth the investment of time and talent. In this case, two organisations were rewarded with new contracts and it was requested that the two individuals be on the team.

They made an impact, it is time for you to make yours!


 Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP goes by her first name only: Pegine. Pegine is a keynote speaker and consultant on leadership in a diverse world. She has shared the stage with two U.S. presidents and two secretaries of state.  Pegine also coaches leading politicians, executive leaders and experts on influence and impact. She is inducted into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame and was the CMP Conclave opening keynote in 2017.