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Lessons in Leadership: Conquering Burnout

Apr 27, 2018

I was the juggler and the hustler. Until I literally had burned myself out. Imagine not being able to move in the morning, not a finger or a toe. It happened to me. I was rushed to the hospital and after two weeks of being completely out of it, I learned I had compromised my system. Burnout is real. My doctor had wise words for me, “Take care of yourself. You are all you have.” 

Juggling multiple projects and events and feeling the pressure to close deals made everything feel like an emergency. Talk about stress! I was burning everything I had and there wasn’t much more I could give. I had to learn how to conquer burnout. I did. And here are lessons I learned:

Focus on YOU. Yes, YOU in all caps. You are that important and need to be the center of your world. 

Y - Yes to you. Stop saying yes to everyone else. Start asking “Is this a YES moment for me? People pleasing can cause burnout. Why? We give our power away when we are more concerned with someone’s satisfaction rather than your own. It doesn’t matter if it is your boss, your clients, your spouse, your kids, your parents, or your best friend. You have to be aware and in control of your own satisfaction first. Check in with yourself, “Does this feel good, right and on target for me” You will be highly productive and effective when you can honestly say to yourself, “I am doing what I love to do. I am on my perfect path.” Analyze, assess and be aware. 

O- Own your boundaries:
Ever feel like someone has crossed your boundaries? They want you to take responsibility for their feelings, outcomes, actions, perceptions and attitudes. “You made me do this!” “Nope, you did this of your own free will,” you should confidently respond. Often, when involved with lots of stressful, urgent, and high risk situations, people fall into drama mode. Do not accept their drama. Own your boundaries. Do you know what your boundaries are? What is acceptable behavior for you? Be able to recognize when someone has crossed your boundary. 

U- Use nature to its fullest. Nature nurtures you. Conquering burnout starts with preparing to invest in you. Fill up with joy and life force. That is what nature provides you. It took me a long time to realize that staying in the office is the quickest way to burnout. Take a walk and appreciate the nature that surrounds you. Your perspective will change. My doctor shared this advice, “Experiencing nature is a lot cheaper than a hospital stay.” I agree. Take time to appreciate the things around you. It is rejuvenating and replenishing. Have walking meetings, have team meetings while sitting on the grass at a park. Rejuvenate your team while you are rejuvenating yourself. 

pegine-04Who is Pegine? She goes by her first name, Pegine. If it is good enough for Oprah and Shakira it is good enough for her. She is known for energetic attitude and enthusiastic presentations on business and leadership. Her success tips guide people to lead, sell, grow and kick your own butt. She is author of “Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own Butt.” Pegine coaches politicians, business leaders and experts on influence, impact and how to inspire others. She is inducted into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame and was the CMP Conclave Opening Keynote in 2017. Pegine is a MSW and Certified Speaking