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Lessons in Leadership: The Shift from Tactical to Influential

Mar 29, 2018

Tonight, I am reviewing the final touches of a C-suite executive retreat that is being conducted tomorrow. The beach condo is perfect, everything is in place. The food and beverages handled, the schedules double checked. The professional actors are trained and ready for the situational training exercises that will be conducted.

Now it is time for me to put on my influential leader hat. To shift from tactical to influential. From this point on I trust my team to do what needs to be done as I move into authority, expert and leader peer. How does the meeting professional shift gears?

First, acknowledge that a shift needs to occur. It means that from this point on I must release the antennas that are looking for mistakes and flaws in the event and shift. Time to shift to strategy, vision and a macro view of the organization, mission and goals and the solutions I bring to the table. This is a critical skill for meeting professionals, the conscious shift from tactical to influential strategic player.

Second, build in quiet time to connect to your power. It is impossible to jump from one way of thinking to another in an instant. You have to put space between the shift. If you leave your office after a hectic day, you know that it is not in your best interest to go to a hectic home life without a shift and space.  Many of you take time to sit in your car to just be for a bit. When I was a commute,r the time on the train allowed the shift to happen. When I drove, I would pull over to a rest stop to be quiet and shift. To shift from tactical to influential and strategy, you need the quiet time to shift.

Third, change your outfit or a part of your attitude. Think of any super hero. They change their outfit to become a more powerful, confident self. The same goes for you. Change your outfit, change your shoes and change something that physically shifts your perspective of you.  Going from flats to heels, open collar to neck tie, sweater to the blazer matters. These physical changes will change you; they give you the signal “Now I am influential and a leader.” When you make these physical changes the way you stand, speak and connect with other leaders change.

PeginePegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP goes by her first name only: Pegine. Pegine is a keynote speaker and consultant on leadership in a diverse world. She has shared the stage with two U.S. presidents and two secretaries of state. Pegine also coaches leading politicians, executive leaders and experts on influence and impact. She is inducted into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame and was the CMP Conclave Opening Keynote in 2017.