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The Economic Impact of Events: Part Three with Matt DiSalvo, CMP

Mar 27, 2018

In February, the Events Industry Council announced the release of its Economic Significance Survey. This survey, which looks at the economic impact of face-to-face meetings and business events, was done in partnership with Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics company. This research revealed that the events industry accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue to the U.S. economy and supports 5.9 million jobs. As such, it is important for all events professionals to understand and appreciate the economic value our industry holds.

Matt_DiSalvo1We caught up with three CMPs to get their take on the economic impact they are seeing with their events, and the role that they play. In the final installment we talk with Matt DiSalvo, CMP, Capital Convention Contractors.

Events Industry Council: In what ways do you see events that you are involved with making a positive contribution economically?  

DiSalvo: From hotel room usage to restaurants and transportation, as well as many other ancillary services, the economic impact of face to face events is undeniable.   This spend by both exhibitors and attendees is significant. It creates jobs and infuses the host location with activity.

Many of the events I work with place orders and sign deals directly on the show floor which also creates additional impact at the manufacturing level.  

Events Industry Council: In your position and knowing the economic impact that events are having, does it change your approach to the strategy?  

DiSalvo: Absolutely, as a GSC, I look to create experiences that connect people and are a conduit to doing business and creating opportunities for positive interaction.  Whether it is the design of the show floor, the message delivered by custom graphics or the interactions supported by technology, we all work to move our industry    

Events Industry Council: What is the one thing that CMPs should keep in mind as it relates to this topic? 

DiSalvo: The one thing I would ask of CMP’s is to not settle, to continue to push ourselves and the industry.  Of course, we all have outside factors whether it be budget, space, etc. but if we focus on offering one more opportunity to further solidify the importance of face to face interaction at each of our events then we are creating value for the participants and thereby the industry.

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