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Setting the Pace: Q&A with Dan Berger

Aug 24, 2017

Established in 2012, the Pacesetter Awards recognize the valuable contributions individuals are making to impact the events industry today as well as charting the course for a thriving future. The 2017 Pacesetter award winners are recognized for their contributions for innovation, sustainability and as a young professional in the events industry.

Three Pacesetter award winners will be recognized at the 2017 Hall of Leaders awards gala on October 10, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, during IMEX America. Over the course of the coming weeks, we conduct a special Q&A with each to uncover the path they took and the future direction of their career.

This week: Pacesetter for Innovation – Dan Berger, CEO, Social Tables

Events Industry Council: During the course of your career, you have created new and innovative technologies that continue to revolutionize the events. Please describe the value of technology innovation to this industry and why it matters more than ever today.

Berger: I started Social Tables with the simple idea that every face-to-face event should achieve great things. In other words, it should be successful for everyone involved. Technology innovation can facilitate this kind of success and can come in many flavors (e.g., enhancing the attendee experience, automating workflows, and so on). Therefore, the more technology innovation we introduce to events, the faster we will get to these desired outcomes.

Events Industry Council: Looking forward, what do you anticipate will be the most significant trend to shape the future direction of this industry?

Berger: I think that given the fact we will spend more time with digital media, face-to-face events will be recognized more than ever as mission-critical product that help organizations achieve their business objectives. This will drive bigger budgets, more events overall, and push event strategy to the executive level.

Events Industry Council: Describe what Events Industry Council has meant to your career and what it is like to be named a Pacesetter.  

Berger: I have volunteered with the Events Industry Council’s Apex Committee for several years. My involvement has helped shape my understanding of the industry, develop great friendships, and get an even deeper appreciation for just how special and intricate the events industry is. I am honored, humbled, and quite frankly, speechless to be named Pacesetter.