Events Council Blog

We are now the Events Industry Council

May 01, 2017

By Kevin Hinton, CIS, Chair-Elect, Events Industry Council, Brand Task Force Member

It’s official! We are now the Events Industry Council. After nearly two years of research, what started as a mere brand refresh for the Convention Industry Council turned into a name change and complete rebrand based on the feedback we received from industry experts globally and our members’ members.

I know your first question: So, why the change? Our Brand Task Force recognized a need to go beyond a “refresh” – we needed to refine our organization’s brand to ensure that our focus and work provides value to event professionals, all Certified Meeting Professionals (CMPs) and the industry we all serve. In order to be more inclusive and representative of our industry, it became apparent a name change was needed to better reflect the direction of the industry and the organizations we represent. “Events” consistently came to the forefront as the most universal, progressive and preferred descriptor.

An ideal association name reflects the entirety of its membership base, and we believe that it was essential for our new name to include the word “events” to better reflect what unifies the meeting professionals we serve.

And I bet I can guess your next question: Will my credential remain the same — Certified Meeting Professional? Yes, it will, but taking on a fresh new look. You are now a CMP — powered by the Events Industry Council.

Our goal for our new name and look is to better represent event management professionals worldwide. Thank you for joining us in this exciting time of change — we look forward to growing together.