2019 Preferred Provider Program Policies


2019 Preferred Provider Policies

The below listed policies apply to the 2019 Preferred Provider Program.  The Events Industry Council reserves the right to modify these policies as needed. Preferred Providers will be notified of any policy changes. 

Preferred Provider Policies apply to both CMP and CMP-HC certifications.

Becoming a Preferred Provider

Preferred Provider status is per calendar year (January through December). Your organization will need to apply each year to maintain your Preferred Provider status. When applying, consider how many sessions your organization will be hosting throughout the year, since pricing is based on the total number of sessions submitted throughout the year. 

To become a CMP Preferred Provider, an organization must submit an application and a session review form for each event. Local chapters of Events Industry Council members do receive the member rates. You will need to choose which tier of service best fits your organization based on the number of sessions you will offer during the year.  

REMINDER: If you plan to offer the same content of a live session multiple times each year, you must submit the live session for review each time you intend to offer the session.  If you plan to offer a self-study session based on the content of a live session, you must submit the live and self-study sessions independently for review. 

For example, if you have three meetings before the end of the calendar year with over 65 combined sessions, Tier 3 would be best for you. You may add additional à la carte sessions if you exceed your allotted tier for the calendar year. A late fee is charged for any session submitted retroactively for review. 

2019 Member Rate

2019 Non Member rate

 Single session
 (à la carte)

$ 200.00 $ 240.00
 Additional Session
 (up to 3 max per year)

$ 50.00 $ 60.00

Tier A: 4-15

$ 350.00

$ 420.00

Tier B: 16-50

$ 500.00

$ 600.00

Tier C: 51-100

$ 750.00

$ 900.00

Tier D: 100-250

$ 1,000.00

$ 1,200.00

Tier E: 250+

$ 1,500.00

$ 1,800.00

Late fee

$ 75.00

$ 90.00

CMP Preferred Provider status is given to individual organizations only and does not link to parent organizations. Chapter organizations that host CMP-related sessions must complete a separate application to be included in the Program.

Preferred Providers receives the results of their program review 2-4 weeks after submission. Events Industry Council, in its sole judgment, has the authority to deny any session(s) if the Preferred Provider violates any policy or procedure, or if any session does not align with the CMP International Standards. 

You will need to re-submit all sessions each year even if the session content stays the same. Session approvals are valid through December 31 of the same year as the start date of the session.

Course materials must be retained and made available to the Event Industry Council upon request for a period of five years following the most recent program completion. 

If the Events Industry Council revokes a CMP Preferred Provider’s status, the organization must remove all Preferred Provider logos and related approval language from all program marketing materials, website, etc immediately.  

Program overview

The goal of continuing education is to maintain and enhance the professional competency of CMP professionals, therefore, all CE programs must address one or more topics listed in the Events Industry Council's CMP International Standards or the CMP-HC Standards. Program content must be current, correct, and presented in an appropriate format and design.  A Subject Matter Expert must be involved in the authorship, review and delivery of a program. The Subject Matter Expert must demonstrate significant practical experience, CMP or CMP-HC certification, an academic degree, other industry credential, or over five years of relevant industry experience.  

Programs must be presented in an initial unit of at least 0.50 hours (60 minutes equals one class hour) with quarter hour increments accepted after the initial 0.50 hour has been satisfied. Total hour will be rounded down to the last full quarter hour. Breaks, meals, independent study time, and exam administration time are not included in the hours calculation.

Excluded topics

The Events Industry Council will not approve sessions for general personal development, such as sessions on stress management, time management, etc. Events Industry Council reserved the right to decline any program that doesn’t relate to the CMP International Standards or the  CMP-HC Standards. In addition, CMP credit is also not permitted for non-educational activities such as networking functions or exhibit hall hours. Approval will not be given for software or product demonstrations pertaining to the management of meetings or for internal company training for internal products. Sessions which could generally be categorized as a sales pitch are not eligible. 

Live program requirements

Live programs are those in which the instructor conducts the program in real-time. Examples (non-inclusive) include in-person sessions, live webinars, live seminars, sessions at conferences, structured discussion groups, teleconferences, college/university courses, and CMP study groups. Attendance is required.  Live programs must be conducted by an instructor qualified as a Subject Matter Expert.  

Self-study program requirements

Self-study programs are those in which the instructor and student are not interacting in real time or in which the student engages in the learning activity without an instructor. Examples (non-inclusive) include pre-recorded audio/video programs, recorded webcasts, self-paced online courses, and printed materials.  For a self-study program to be eligible for pre-acceptance, the submission must include your organization’s process for recording and monitoring an attendee’s participation. Archived webcasts must be within two years of their live presentation dates. CMP professionals must complete the purchased self-study courses within one year of purchase in order for the content to be deemed timely and eligible for CE credit. 

Roster uploads

Preferred Providers must submit rosters for Preferred Provider Programs within 14 days of program completion.

As a CMP Preferred Provider, you agree to upload into your Events Industry Council Preferred Provider account, an Excel file of your verified event attendees. This should be a record of your entire confirmed conference or meeting attendance; it is not necessary for you to provide attendance records on a session-by-session basis. The file requirements are on the Events Industry Council website and must include each verified attendee’s email address. It is the responsibility of the individual CMP, not the Events Industry Council, to ensure that the email address provided to your organization matches the email address the Events Industry Council has on file in the individual’s online profile. If the email does not match, the attendee will be required to self-report their attendance and provide attendance documentation in order to receive credit towards their CMP certification. 

$ 240.00

$ 240.00