CMP Recertification Tips

Recertification is easier than you think and is not intended to overwhelm you. Events Industry Council has provided resources along with the recertification guidelines to assist you with recertification. Here are some tips for completing the process:

Record Your Activities in Your Online Account

  • With Events Industry Council new online system, keeping track of your recertification activities is easy!
  • Each time you attend an industry-related event, simply record the event in your online account and upload your supporting documentation.
  • If you attend activities hosted by Preferred Providers, your attendance will be uploaded into your online account and you will receive credit. Be sure the email Events Industry Council has on file matches the email that you provided the host organization and allow two weeks for your attendance to be recorded into your account.
  • If your email in your online account does not match the email address you gave the Preferred Provider, simply self-report your attendance (you will need to provide a session description and attendance documentation).
  • If you attend an activity that is not hosted by a Preferred Provider, you will need to self-report your attendance. You will receive credit as long as the learning objective of the activity relates to one of the 9 domains in the CMP International Standards. You will also need to upload attendance documentation and a session description.
  • List continuing education by each individual session you have attended, and include the length of the session (known as continuing education clock hours or CEs).
  • Submit your application by the deadlines!  Mark your calendar and set goals to complete your application. 

Top Five Reasons Continuing Education Activities Are Not Approved for CMP Credit

  1. The continuing education (CE) activity is a personal, not professional, development. Common examples of these sessions include: How to Minimize Stress in Your Life, How to Network, Dressing for Success, and Personal Branding Tips.
  2. The session does not align with one of the 9 domains in the CMP International Standards (CMP-IS). Make sure you are familiar with the knowledge and skills outlined in the CMP-IS before you submit your activity.
  3. The activity took place outside your five-year certification cycle. All CMP CEs must take place in your certification cycle. Although you can still submit your recertification application when you are in lapsed status, your application can only include CEs that were obtained during your five-year cycle.
  4. Not enough information was provided to align the activity with the CMP-IS. Titles of sessions often don’t provide enough information for Events Industry Council's application reviewers to know whether the activity relates to the CMP-IS. When in doubt, provide back-up information to prove the continuing education activity aligns with one of the 9 domains.
  5. The education degree is not industry-specific. Degrees in Hospitality, Meeting Planning, and Tourism will count for CMP credit. Degrees in Communication, Marketing or Business will not count for credit.

Don’t wait! Don’t procrastinate!

Check your recertification year by logging into your existing  Events Industry Council account.  (Please contact Events Industry Council if you do not remember your login information.)

Update your current contact information with Events Industry Council. Log in to your account or inform Events Industry Council of address changes.  This way you will be sure to receive important information concerning the CMP program and recertification.