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Why Recertify?

•Validates your knowledge & expertise

•Demonstrates professional commitment & achievement 

•Enhances professional credibility to employers, customers, and peers

Is Your CMP Directory Information Up To Date?

Visit our online CMP Directory to review and update your personal information to ensure that we can find you for important communications regarding your certification.

CMP Recertification Requirements

All Certified Meeting Professionals must recertify every 5 years, unless they meet the requirements of Emeritus status. See CMP Recertification page for requirements and forms.

Become a Volunteer

Now that you've proven your expertise in the meeting management field, it's time to share this expertise. By volunteering for the CMP program, you can help ensure that the program remains current and reflects the best practices in the industry. Volunteer opportunities arise often and when they do, EIC tries to match a CMP's skills and knowledge to the specific project. If you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise to the field, please fill out this volunteer form and submit it to Volunteering for the CMP program is a great way to network with your peers while also giving back to the meeting management industry.

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