CMP Int'l Standards

The CMP International Standards (CMP-IS)* are required for all applicants to download due to its importance to the CMP program. The Standards are used in determining if education is accepted and determines exam content for the CMP exam.  Continuing education used for the CMP application and recertification should be aligned with and found in the Standard. In addition, all exam items/questions relate to this body of knowledge.

*The CMP-IS was developed and updated by industry CMPs who are subject matter experts, hold the CMP designation and are working in the field. It is updated every five years to ensure that the exam reflects the current knowledge needed to be a successful meeting professional.

Download the CMP International Standards here.

2017 Changes to the CMP-IS

There were minimal content changes to the standards. Many of the changes were to eliminate skills or sub skills that appeared in more than one domain, an issue that became clear when many CMPs or candidates attempted to align their continuing education credits with the CMP domains.  
Changes include:
  • All “Common Knowledge” statements were removed. The previous version of the CMP-IS was developed to reflect consistency with other industry competency models, MPI’s MBEKS and Canadian Human Resources Council Competency Standards. The common knowledge statements are not tested in the CMP exam and caused confusion for many candidates, so we removed them.
  • The Professionalism Domain (J) was removed because those knowledge statements are included in the CMP code of ethics that every CMP and CMP candidate now must acknowledge and agree to on their application. 
  • Some terminology changed slightly: “Ability (Know How to)” changed to “Skills” and “Sub Skills.” 
  • Some language was modified to be more concise but did not change the overall skill or sub skill. 
    View the CMP Crosswalk to view the updates made in the 2017 International Standards.

    *The updated CMP-IS will be incorporated into the CMP exam beginning with the
    May 5-14, 2017 testing window.
  • CMP-IS_2017


    Those applying for the CMP designation should start by reviewing the CMP International Standards and then focus their study program on the domains in which they have the least experience.