Schedule An Exam

Once you’ve paid your exam fee to CIC, you will receive instructions on scheduling your exam with Prometric. The exam is offered during four “testing windows” each year (January, May, August and November). Each testing window is 10 days. The CMP exam is not offered every day of the year.  

You may take the exam in any available testing date during your eligibility year. The Prometric network of testing centers offers hundreds of locations throughout the world. Find your nearest location at

We share these test centers with other organizations; therefore, we recommend scheduling your exam as soon as you receive the instructions. Test center seats fill up quickly. If you wait, you may lose your choice date and location.

Making Exam Appointments

After you pay your exam fee with CIC, you can make your exam appointment with Prometric:
You may also telephone Prometric:
  • North America candidates: 800-597-5833

For international candidates a listing of telephone numbers can be found for

Telephone scheduling hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM US Eastern Time (closed on local holidays).

Testing Accommodations

Accommodations for Candidates with Disabilities and Other Special Considerations
CIC and its testing agency, Prometric, comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (42 USCG Section 12101, et. seq.), and with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 2000e, et. seq.). CIC uses the guidelines put forth in the documents listed above to address similar requests made by candidates outside the U.S. Any individual who has a physical or cognitive impairment or limitation that prevents him/her from taking the exam under standard testing conditions may request special testing accommodations. The types of accommodations that may be provided include a person to read and/or mark the answer sheet, extended testing time, and/or a separate testing room.

A request for testing accommodations must be submitted to CIC prior to submitting your exam fee. Due to the arrangements that must be made to accommodate such requests, no requests submitted to CIC after the exam fee has been submitted will be accommodated. Testing accommodations approved by CIC will be transmitted to Prometric along with your testing authorization.

Testing accommodations requests must include a separate formal letter describing each of the following:

  • Candidate’s disability or special need
  • Adaptations the candidate is requesting
  • Documentation from a physician or other appropriate diagnostic authority concerning the disability and special needs

Documentation from a physician or appropriate authority (e.g., psychologist, vocational specialist, etc.) is required to approve the candidate’s testing accommodation request. After reviewing requests, CIC will confirm your request. CIC makes every effort to assist with testing accommodation, except when it may alter the exam or results, or if it causes an undue burden on the testing center. There is no additional charge for testing accommodations.

English as a Second Language

The CMP exams are presented only in the English language. Candidates whose primary language is not English may request an additional thirty (30) minutes of time in which to take the exam. In order for CIC to evaluate a request for extra testing time, the candidate must submit documentation along with the request to CIC that proves English as a second language (e.g., proof of citizenship, passport, etc.). Requests and supporting documentation must be submitted to CIC prior to paying your exam fee.