CMP Practice Exams

Official CMP Practice Examinations

The practice exams will give those considering the CMP certification an understanding of how the actual exam questions are structured. These are real questions previously on the CMP exam and have now been retired. This is the only place you can find real CMP practice questions.

Candidates have a choice of two exams: One with 20 questions and one with 40 questions. The 40-question exam includes the same questions as the 20-question exam as well as 20 additional questions. There is one version of the 40 question exam, and one version of the 20 question exam. Purchasing each exam multiple times will not result in a presentation of new practice items.

Events Industry Council encourages you to take the 40-question exam before you start studying for the CMP. The results of this test will help you determine the Domains on which you’ll need to concentrate. Then, before taking the exam, take the 20-question exam to measure your improvement.

As you proceed through the practice exam, you can check whether you have answered a question correctly by selecting "Show Answer" button in the right-hand corner of the screen. At the end of the exam, you will be given an assessment of how you performed on each of the 10 Domains.

Accessing the Practice Exam

  • First-time users should click on the "First-time registration" link when accessing the Prometric site
  • Select that exam you would like to take.
  • Each candidate will have access to their selected practice examination for 72 hours, which begins from the moment of confirmation of purchase of the exam.
  • To begin the exam, click the first option “Take Test” (do not select “Take Practice Test” at bottom of list selections).
  • Candidates may log in and out of the practice exam as many times as they want during the 72-hour period, however, once you complete the Practice Exam you will no longer be able to access the exam questions, but you can access your score report by logging in through the ‘Secure Sign-In’ link.
  • For questions on how to navigate the practice exam, click the "?!" icon in upper right-hand corner of exam.

Take the Practice Exam

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The official CMP Practice Exam Fees
  • 40-question exam: $40
  • 20-question exam: $25
Payable by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.


Before making your purchase, please read the SystemRequirements. Purchases are non-refundable.

Note: The CMP Practice Exams are the property of Events Industry Council and Prometric. Duplication in whole or part of the exam or sharing with others is prohibited. A candidate's performance on the practice examinations does not guarantee similar performance on the actual examination.