On Exam Day

On the Day of the Exam

  • Arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment to allow time for check-in procedures. (If you will be driving, Events Industry Council recommends identifying the exact exam location, the best way to get there and where to park prior to the day of the exam.)
  • If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment Prometric Testing Center (PTC) staff may choose not to seat you if doing so disrupts other scheduled appointments. If the PTC does not seat you due to late arrival, there will be no refund of your exam registration fees. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • You will be provided with an on-screen calculator, two erasable note boards, and dry erase markers
  • As the room temperature at exam locations may vary, candidates should bring a jacket or sweater for personal comfort.

What to Bring on Exam Day

You must have the following items or you will not be admitted to the exam:

  • Prometric Confirmation Number (from the email you get when you schedule your exam).
  • Exam Eligibility ID number (from the email you get from Events Industry Council when you have paid your exam fee).
  • Valid government-issued photo ID with a signature (e.g., driver’s license or passport). The name on your ID must match the name Events Industry Council has on file and is associated with your records. Contact Events Industry Council immediately if your name needs to be updated

Acceptable forms of ID:

  • If you are testing outside of your country of citizenship, you must present a valid passport.
  • If you are testing within your country of citizenship, you must present either a valid passport, driver’s license, national ID or military ID.
  • The identification document must be in Latin characters and contain your photograph and signature.
  • The name on the identification must also match the name on your exam registration. If the names are different please contact Events Industry Council prior to your exam appointment.

If you fail to bring the proper identification on the scheduled exam day, you will not be allowed to take the exam and will be considered absent and will forfeit the full exam fee. Forms of identification that are expired will not be accepted.

What to Bring and Not Bring

For test security reasons, all personal items such as purses, book bags, cell phones, etc., must be placed in a locker during the exam, so please limit what you bring to the testing center. As of October 2016, jewelry outside of wedding and engagement rings is prohibited and all hair accessories are subject to inspection. All eyeglasses will be inspected as well. Please refrain from using ornate clips, combs, barrettes, headbands, and other hair accessories as you may be prohibited from wearing them into the testing room and asked to store them in your locker.

You may not bring aids of any kind except the calculators and note boards provided into the test center. Prohibited aids include:
  • Dictionaries
  • Books and papers of any kind
  • Rulers
  • Food and beverages
  • Personal items, such as purses, book bags, cell phones, etc.
  • Other materials deemed inappropriate by PTC staff
A locker will be provided for any prohibited items.Please note that visitors are not allowed in the test center and childcare is not provided. Smoking is not permitted in any Prometric testing center.

Exam Check-In Procedure

You will be required to sign the Prometric logbook and the signature in the logbook will be checked against the signature on your ID. You will also be required to sign the logbook when taking unscheduled breaks and upon completion of the exam. No one may enter the exam center without registering through Events Industry Council and scheduling an appointment with Prometric.


During the Exam

You will be assigned to a testing station once you have completed the check-in process.  There will be an onscreen tutorial to orient you with the computer testing environment and each feature before beginning the exam. You will have up to 15 minutes to use the tutorial. Once you have completed the tutorial the exam will begin.
  • To use the restroom, candidates should notify the Test Center Administrator (TCA).
  • Candidates will not be given additional time for breaks.
  • There will be no conversing with the TCA or other individuals in the testing room regarding exam questions.

Exam Tips

These tips will help you during the exam:
  • Relax.  This will help you be more alert and reduce physical stress.
  • Find the right work pace.  Don’t rush or go too slowly.  Find a pace that is comfortable.
  • Follow the directions and work carefully.
  • Read all of the options for each question before marking the answer.
  • Skip difficult questions, and mark them for later review and come back to them. Make an informed guess if you are not sure of an answer. There is no penalty for guessing.
  • Both the questions that you do not answer and wrong answers are counted as wrong responses.  Your score is based on the total number of correct responses.

Exam Feedback and Comments

At the end of the exam, you will be given the opportunity to provide the CMP Board with feedback on the exam. These comments will have no bearing on your score results.  Comments are reviewed by members of the CMP Board on a regular basis to ensure exam quality.


Exam Security

If you offer or receive help during the exam, you will be escorted from the testing center. Anyone involved in this activity will be reported to the CMP Board and his/her exam will not be scored.  Exam fees will not be refunded and the candidate will be prohibited from taking the CMP exam again.

The performance of all candidates is monitored and may be analyzed to detect fraud. Candidates who violate security measures will not have their exams scores validated by Events Industry Council.

All exam materials, including all questions and all forms of the exam, are copyrighted and the property of Events Industry Council. Any distribution of these materials through reproduction, oral or written communication, is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.


Concerns at the Time of Exam

If you believe something associated with the exam process affected your ability to successfully complete the exam, you should immediately bring your concerns to the attention of the Testing Center Administrator (TCA). Any issue not brought to the attention of the TCA must be reported in writing to the Events Industry Council office within three (3) business days of your exam. Failure to bring an issue to the attention of Events Industry Council within three (3) business days of your exam may result in Events Industry Council's declining to take the issue into consideration.


Exam Results Notification

You will receive your official score as soon as you complete the exam. The score will indicate whether you have passed or failed the exam, and it is final. If you fail the exam, your results will also include your numeric score and how you performed on each of the 10 domains.


CMP certificates are mailed to successful candidates four weeks after the testing window closes.


The identities of CMP candidates are confidential, as is all information concerning them. Information regarding exam results is communicated in writing from Prometric directly to the candidate. Exam results are never provided over the phone.


Retaking the Exam

If you are not successful on the CMP exam, you may register to take it again within the one (1) year eligibility period. The full exam registration fee is due by the scheduled registration deadline for each subsequent registration for an exam but you are not required to pay the application fee again. You may not schedule and take the exam during the same testing window.


Exam Results Confidentiality

The identity and information concerning all CMP candidates is confidential. Information regarding exam results is communicated in writing from Prometric directly to the candidate. Exam results are never provided over the phone.