An applicant who has been notified of ineligibility has one (1) opportunity within fourteen (14) calendar days of the notice to appeal the application decision. This appeal process is the applicant’s opportunity to clarify or provide further explanation of any items that were disallowed or found to not meet requirements by the reviewers.

Applicants may submit additional supporting information for consideration that supports what has already been submitted. Applicants, however, may not submit information that was deemed missing from the first application. For instance, if you do not supply the required continuing education information, you will not be permitted to supply it with the appeal.

Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Events Industry Council office and include a cover letter addressed to the Chair of the CMP Governance Commission. Appeals will be accepted via email at (subject line must read: CMP Application Appeal—Applicant’s Name) or via fax +1 202-367-1190.

Appeals are not allowed for applications judged ineligible due to missing pages or where information was misrepresented. Applications containing fraudulent or willfully misrepresented qualifications will result in the permanent disqualification of the applicant.

The parties in the appeal process are strictly limited to the applicant, Events Industry Council Staff and the CMP Governance Commission. Applicants should refrain from engaging any other parties to write letters of support, make telephone calls or otherwise attempt to influence the appeal process. Doing so may result in immediate termination of the appeal.