Getting the Standards

Getting the Standards

  • How are the standards made available?

    The standards are available through ASTM International as both electronic and paper publications. 

    The standards may be also available bundled with education programs, and through other channels, but they will always be available through ASTM.

  • Are the standards available electronically?

    Yes, electronic (paperless) and traditional print formats are available.

  • What is the pricing of the standards?

    A number of flexible options are available for obtaining the standards:

    • Standards Compilation - The cheapest way to quickly obtain all of the standards is the specially priced ASTM Compilation.  The electronic only compilation is priced at $168 and includes ALL of the published standards.  This is a huge savings off of buying all of the standards individually.   
    • Individual Standards - Each standard is available individually through ASTM's Standards and Engineering Digital Library upon publication.  Select the "E60 - Sustainability" option from the "Committee" drop-down list.  ASTM International prices standards based on length and when purchased individually, the standards are between $41 and $47 each. This is the most cost-effective way of obtaining a single standard for suppliers interested only in their area, or for planners focused on particular operational aspects.  
    • Colleges, Universities and Corporations - ASTM also offers options for colleges, universities and corporations; see the ASTM web site for details.
    • ASTM Membership Volume - ASTM members will also be able to obtain the standards as part of their membership dues by selecting the appropriate Volume of the Annual Book of Standards (BOS Volume 04.12). The Book of Standards is updated once annually, in November.
  • Do I need to buy all nine of the standards?

    No. The modular nature of the standards allows a planner or a supplier to obtain only those standards that are relevant to their operational footprint. For example, a catering company might choose to focus on the Food and Beverage standard, while planners of large city-wide meetings will likely have interest in all nine of the standards.

    This modularity also allows planners and suppliers to develop a sustainability plan and roadmap that prioritizes specific impact areas, and to obtain and implement individual standards on an ongoing, incremental basis.

  • How do I order copies of the standards?

    The standards are sold through the ASTM web site.  Select "E60 - Sustainability" from the "Committee" drop-down list.  You can also go directly the product page for an individual standard using CIC's list of APEX/ASTM standards.

    To order the specially-priced ASTM Compilation, follow this link.

  • Are all of the standards available in one bundle?

    Yes.  The standards are available in a special ASTM Compilation format. The electronic only compilation is priced at $149 and includes all eight of the published standards.  This is a huge savings off of buying all of the standards individually. Once the ninth standard is published the Compilation will be updated to include it at no additional cost.